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Talkin’ Two Tone is part of the Sports History Network – The Headquarters For Sports Yesteryear. EPISODE SUMMARY Asher and Tyler are back to discuss the rumor floating around on the bird app. Are the Titans going to move to number 1 in the draft? If they do, what would the Titans have to give up?...
We’re back with our first podcast of the year. We dive into the Ran Carthon hire, we give our Super Bowl pick, and we decide who the greatest Titan is to wear the number 5. TitanUp
We have a loaded podcast. Talking off-season topics. And Roger from Darking Media tells us what we should be watching this year. Also we have some Derrick Henry stories! It’s a fun podcast, give it a listen. (Excuse the audio issues, we’re working to fix it)
Asher and Tyler are back this week talking about all the updates from around the league and the Titans. Join the discussion.
Join Asher and Tyler as they talk more off-season things pertaining to our Tennessee Titans. Titan Up!
Asher and Tyler are back talking about an array of things in the NFL. Who should the Titans target this off-season? Is there an issue in the NFL with minority coaches? Tom Brady is a petty king. Join us as we discuss all of this. TITAN UP!
Asher and Tyler bring you up to speed on this critical playoff game! Listen in. It’s a good one!
We’re talking about the Dolphins win. We discuss more Titan topics. We’re joined by our Fan of the Week (Cameron). We also preview the Texans. TitanUp!
We discuss the 49ers win. We give you game picks for the week to make you some money! And we preview the Dolphins. Titan Up!!
We’re talking about the Steelers game, we’re joined by our Fan of the Week, and we preview this massive matchup against the 49ers.

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